Everything You Wanted to Know About Airtel Brings Rs. 248 Prepaid Recharge Plan for First-Time Users


Airtel has brought Rs. 248 First Recharge (FRC) for first-period users

Rs. 248 Airtel recharge aspire comes subsequent to 1.4GB daily data help

The operator has removed its existing Rs. 345 and Rs. 559 prepaid plans


Bharti Airtel has reportedly revised its First Recharge (FRC) plans by removing the existing Rs. 345 and Rs. 559 prepaid recharge plans and bringing a subsidiary Rs. 248 different. The Rs. 248 prepaid recharge plan is said to have replaced the older Rs. 229 want for first-times Airtel users. Also, the current portfolio of prepaid recharge plans for first-era subscribers is reported to have four determined options Rs. 76, Rs. 178, Rs. 248, and Rs. 495. The supplementary FRC plans find the maintenance for data advance and as much as 100 SMS messages per day throughout their validity.


According to a Telecom report, Airtel has removed the Rs. 229 FRC to bring the optional accessory Rs. 248 prepaid recharge option. The late growth plan is said to adjoin data assistance of 1.4GB per day, call of local, STD, and roaming voice calls, as quickly as 100 SMS message per day for 28 days. Moreover, the object is mammal provided going happening for a pan-India basis.


With help in the making public of the Rs. 248 recharge plan, Airtel reportedly has the Rs. 495 FRC want that is definite for 84 days. The Rs. 495 prepaid recharge plan is said to find the keep for 1.4GB data per day, unlimited voice calling benefits, and 100 SMS messages per day.


Alongside the Rs. 248 and Rs. 495 prepaid recharge options, Airtel is said to have an Rs. 76 FRC plan for first-time users. The want brings voice calls at 60 paise per minute and includes 100MB of 2G/ 3G/ 4G data. Similar to the Rs. 248 recharge plot, the Rs. 76 FRC atypical moreover has 28 days of validity.


Airtel also offers an Rs. 178 FRC plan with unlimited voice calling benefits, 100 SMS messages per day, and 1GB of data for 28 days.


It is worth mentioning here that the FRC plans are on your own manageable to first-times Airtel prepaid users. This means you won’t be clever to see them as a portion of prepaid plans handy for your existing Airtel account.