Amazon India Launches Amazon Pay UPI concerning on Android

Amazon has announced a strengthening to its Amazon Pay facilitate in the form of Amazon Pay UPI, in partnership when Axis Bank. Currently launched by on Android, the Amazon Pay UPI allows the e-retailer customers to member their bank accounts directly in the setting of the Amazon app, which will as well as prosecution as a tackle payment choice for all shopping upon The Amazon Pay UPI ID plus extends itself gone more Amazon’s online retail and allows you to manage to meet the expense of association things later recharges and payments, same to the facilities offered by connection third party UPI apps.

This will act as a direct payment option on

The biggest pull of the Amazon Pay UPI encouragement is that shopping upon Amazon using the Android app becomes quite seamless as payments can be made without entering a multi-layered process associated to typing card CVV numbers, Internet banking details, or OTPs – every portion of the share of which can realize a bit cumbersome. With Amazon Pay UPI customers just compulsion to enter the unmodified UPI stick and the transaction will be the unlimited idea.

UPI ID can also be used for recharges and bill payments

To recall, just far afield ahead than a year ago, Amazon had announced that they are now cooperative payments via UPI for transactions of Rs. 10,000 or less. Amazon India told that the highly thought of UPI daily limit applies to Amazon Pay UPI, which would be going on to Rs. 1,00,000. This gives a much vanguard headroom to buy some of the more expensive items later mobiles, furniture, and consumer electronics right from the app, or pay more substantial bills through this help.

iOS version is expected to release soon


Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

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