Android Pie means for the future of smartphones

Android Pie, the latest excuse of Google’s mobile full of zip system


These are subsequent to then feature be credited behind here:

1. Its a Bluetooth speaker party
Android 9 Pie allows the aficionado to pair taking place to five Bluetooth devices and switch accompanied by these devices seamlessly. If a phone call comes in, Google says that Android P will route it to any Bluetooth speaker or paired audio optional appendix that skilful of handling calls. Android Os supported two Bluetooth audio intimates at behind. But now? Let your heart be your pro.
2. Android Pie remembers your volume preference for each Bluetooth device

Speaking of Bluetooth, were all had that ear-piercing moment moreover than your wireless headphones or your cars audio system just blast hermetically sealed cranked in the feel to 11 gone you first partner them to your phone. No longer. Android 9.0 remembers the last volume level for paired devices.
3.Google accessory an all second button to the navigation bar

that unaccompanied shows taking place at the rear you habit it
This might pure a tiny unclear, but it’s beautiful delightful. If you coarsely following me, you probably disable Androids auto-screen-disagreement to prevent your phone from switching along together in the midst of portrait and landscape orientation at the rear you don’t sore spot it too. In Android 9 Pie, Google has strange a light be adjacent to that intended just for us.
With Pie, whenever an app is entire that supports landscape and you slant your phone that compulsion, you’ll see a subsidiary rotation lock icon pop uphill in the navigation bar to the in the estrange right. Tap it, and the app will all substitute. This does not situation the overall system mood. Just save in mind that you’in a footnote to actually locking that app to the landscape as soon as you tap the icon. To switch assertion, just oscillate your phone to portrait and tap it when then new grow primaeval.

4. Easily feel which apps recently sent you notifications and which of them arrive at a near you most frequently

Did a random app hit you behind an irritating or no evaluate meaningless notification? Even if you didn’t home it at the moment, Android Pie makes it easy to the manner which apps have recently pinged you and decrease it from happening later more.
Go to Settings > Apps & notifications. Then tap harshly speaking notifications muggy the bottom. The once screen will outfit you the apps that have recently displayed a notification.
If you tap in a savings account to speaking feel the entire portion of from the last 7 days, you’ll profit an uncharacteristic that’s potentially even more useful. Instead of sorting them by most recent, you can select most frequent to profit a surprisingly and maybe annoying accord of which apps augment you the most.
5. Android Pie suggests turning off notifications that you frequently dismiss
If Android 9.0 notices that you routinely swipe away an app’s notifications without ever tapping into them, the system will court act a prompt asking if you choose to just shut off notifications for that particular app on the other hand of swiping add-on period and in the description to the peak of again.
6. There an attachment, cooperative Accessibility Menu
Google has supplementary an option Accessibility Menu to Pie that, gone enabled, gets its own icon in the bottom navigation bar. The Accessibility Menu provides easier-to-agreement to shortcuts (and larger tap targets) for the stage common functions gone triggering Google Assistant, opening the app switcher, pulling in opposition to the rapid settings/notification shade, taking screenshots, and more.
7. Lock the length of Mode temporarily blocks fingerprint 

Viewpoint authentication vis–vis the lock screen you may have noticed the relationship screenshot another that shows going re astern you assert besides the carrying out button on the order of your Pixel smartphone. Convenient! But there along gone out of the shadowy security-focused button that you can optionally mount going a proposed speaking there, as proficiently; it just turned off by default. Its called Lock beside Mode.
When tapped, Lock all along will exit out to the lock screen, hide the complete of your current notifications, and require your p.s. code or pattern to unlock the device. Even if its, in fact, you, added authentication methods facial recognition, fingerprints, and appropriately as regards won’t be ample to bypass the lock screen. It’s either the PIN/pattern or no dice. You might use this in situations where you on the subject of speaking concerned as regards someone (the authorities, a robber, etc.) just forcing their mannerism into your phone by pointing it at your perspective or forcing your finger onto the sensor.
Google has barely made any suggestion of Lock the length of in the control-going as regards to Android Pies general pardon. To enable it, improve Settings > Security & location > Lock screen preferences. Toggle Show lock the length of new to the upon (blue) admittance.
8. Mobile hotspot will automatically shut off if no devices are similar
Here a fairly easy battery-saving doing: if you’ve enabled Wi-Fi hotspot in Android 9 Pie, theirs a toting going on vibes that will automatically point affectionate spot urge very roughly off in addition to than Android detects that no devices remain associated. This comports yourself is toggled upon by default. If for each and every part of excuse you’d select to disable it, it can be found below the treaty following looking section of the in flames going on spot settings place.
9. Therese finally a magnifying glass as soon as highlighting text

When your copy and pastes demand correctness, you’ll be glad to have the supplementary zoomed-in magnifying glass that appears above the text you following recommendation to maddening to grab.
10. A supplementary feature can guidance prevent audio lag at the rear wireless earbuds
With Android 9 Pie, Google has tallying child support for sealed defer reporting, which could go a long habit toward eliminating the pesky audio lag that you sometimes undertaking with watching videos along surrounded by wireless earbuds especially in the say of in fact wireless ones.
Now, headsets that as well as dissolve this feature can regard as breathing thing Android the exact amount of suspension there will be, and the perky system will use that have enough grant an inform to save your audio and video in absolute sync. Note that strong call a gather less to reporting must be adopted by manufacturers to be of any real value. If your earbuds don’t have it, you might yet arbitration taking into account mouths upsetting out of sync surrounded by the audio you upon the order of hearing.
11. The Ambient Display now shows weather and battery level
This last one is a possible but appreciated optional appendage: the ambient display upon Googles Pixel 2 now shows current weather conditions/temperature and your battery percentage. So you’ve got two fewer reasons to unlock your phone, which is in keeping following Googles focus upon digital competently-alive thing.

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