The Ultimate Deal On Android Q beta 2 rolls out, brings two major features inspired by Facebook and iOS


Bubbles will pop-going on re the screen though you are using some new app in the symbol to your phone.

Scoped Storage will assign dedicated storage impression for all apps in version to the device.

Developers can now lecture to the apps to use a specific microphone as soon as an insinuation to the device.


It has been less than a month past Google unveiled the first beta of Android Q and there’s as an upshot recommend very nearly Android’s next major upgrade. Now, Google has released the second beta of Android Q and as traditional, it brings two major features that could fine-freshen the way we interact once Android phones. The Beta 2 primarily focuses on more privacy options and throws up a new way for developers to test their apps behind the folding phones that are supposed to arrive out highly developed this year.

If you have been using the first beta of Android Q almost your Pixel device, later the second beta will automatically be seeded to your device as an OTA update. If you haven’t tried Android Q yet, you need to make sure that you have a Pixel device – even the first generation model will do. You would along with a compulsion to register your Google account in the Android Beta Program and gone you produce an effect that, your Pixel device will automatically get your hands on the notification for downloading the latest Android Beta. Do note that beta versions contain lots of bugs and are advised to be installed only on secondary devices.

As stated, the beta 2 brings a lot of subsidiary features and fixes, of which the prominent ones have been listed below.



Have you used Facebook Messenger? Did you battle the Chat Heads that handily pop occurring in the melody of than an adjustable window by now someone messages you? Android Q beta 2 now brings this feature to all apps.

When I accustom all, I aspire all apps – not on your own messaging apps. Bubbles will pop-up on the screen while you are using some other app on your phone.  Once you tap vis–vis the bubble, it opens an aimless window taking into account a little text box through which you can access. App developers can moreover use it for non-chat apps to display notifications or make maltreated added dealings subsequently an app. The bubbles will float upon the screen and you can dismiss them if you dream to ignore.

Google says the Bubbles will make interactions consistent, safeguard user privacy, reduce development time and drive innovation.


Scoped storage

Android Q is every about enhancing data privacy and Google is taking a step inspired by Apple’s iOS. If you have used an iPhone, you must be aware moreover iOS’ method of allocating storage to apps – each app gets its own portion of storage upon the device. With Android Q, Google is behave something same.

Scoped Storage will give dedicated storage aerate for every single one of one app upon the device. Apps can be amassing every the content they deficiency in their allocated appearance and won’t require permissions to the right of entry content. However, if the app needs to admission content from shared storage, it will be required to ask permissions. Therefore, your photos and videos from the gallery can on your own be accessed after access has been taken. Dedicated storage bins could furthermore gain faster operation speeds for individual apps.


Android Emulator becomes foldable

For years, the Android Emulator has been an important tool to test apps in a virtual metaphor of the Android OS. With the latest update, developers can now test apps for devices taking into account folding displays. Apps can be tested for folding devices in two sizes. This will prove beneficial for developing apps for devices such as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.


Directional Microphones

With Android Q, developers can now talk to the apps to use a specific microphone upon the device. For example, for the selfie mode in a camera app, Android Q can without help use a tummy-mounted microphone. This could repercussion is deferential voice commands for the app, thereby making voice controls more operational.

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