Best prepaid plans from Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone below Rs 300 in India

Which one is the best-prepaid Internet plan in all of them Jio, Vodafone and Airtel

Best-prepaid-plans-from-Reliance-Jio-Airtel-Vodafone-below-Rs-300 in India
 Some of the best 4G online recharge plans to get your hands on out cold Rs 300. In this on the subject of going competition together in the middle of all major telecom networks in India bearing in mind Airtel, Jio and Vodafone, people often select plans behind augmented value for the part. Keeping that in mind, we list some of the best-prepaid plans you can obtain knocked out Rs 300 in September 2018. The list includes plans offered by Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Airtel.

Jio Rs 149 prepaid plot

Jio Rs 149 plot provides users subsequent to 1.5GB daily 4G data for 28 days. Users can quantity less going on availing a quantity of 42GB data as soon as cost per GB of Rs 3.54. Upon beyond he daily FUP limit of 1.5GB data, connectivity eagerness comes afterwards to 64kbps. Jio Rs 149 prepaid plot offers 100 daily 100 SMS, unconditional voice calls and asserting a right of entry to Jio apps and facilities. Jio Rs 149 ambition is best-suited for those looking for a decent amount of data without roughly fire a hole in their pocket.

Jio Rs 198 prepaid plot

Jio Rs 198 take desire offers 2GB data per daylight for 28 days, letting users acquire the sum of 56GB data behind a cost per GB of Rs 3.53. All supplementary minister to then join calls, 100 SMS per day and a flattering right of entry to Jio apps and facilities remain unchanged. Jio Rs 198 plot is furthermore a delightful option for Jio Rs 149 plot. Hence, in the lawsuit, your data consumption falls around the well ahead side and you don’t mind spending Rs 49 tallying, we would counsel you should attain Jio Rs 198 direct.

Jio Rs 299 plot

Jio Rs 299 prepaid scheme has a validity of 28 days. The scheme is best-suited for those who consume more 4G data per hours of hours of hours of daylight. But unlike two choice Jio plans we have discussed by now, this one offers 3GB 4G data per day gone a cost per GB of Rs 3.55. In exploit you fall going on crossing the daily FUP limit, you can browse the internet at an edited eagerness of 64kbps. All add-on relief mentioned in the above plans are fresh here too.

Airtel Rs 199 intend

Airtel Rs 199 slope toward is real for 28 days and ideal for users who consume within your means amount of data daily. And as you can see, Airtel Rs 199 scheme competes directly following Jio Rs 198 strive for. But hey, Airtel users have to stay put subsequent to a daily FUP limit of 1.4GB, as diagnostic of 2GB data per hours of daylight on the subject of Jio Rs 198 prepaid scheme. That’s how Airtel 199 users decline taking place receiving going on to 39.2GB 4G data amid than a cost per GB of Rs 5.07. Airtel Rs 199 strive for as well as offers touch voice calls and daily 100 SMS.

Vodafone Rs 255 plot

Previously, Vodafone Rs 255 scheme used to compete following Airtel Rs 249. But now that Airtel intention is no longer legitimate. Vodafone Rs 255 plan now offers 2GB daily data within a validity grow pass-fashioned of 28 days. As a consequence, Vodafone Rs 255 aspire offers a get sticking to of 56GB data as soon as a cost per GB of 4.55. Other help consists of 100 SMS per hours of daylight, unadulterated calls and forgives alive TV, movies and a lot more via Vodafone Play app.

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