BSNL is offering Wings VoIP service

What is the BSNL WINGS ?

BSNL is offering Wings VoIP service

State-owned telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has just launched its latest bolster in Puducherry. This added support is a added voice beyond internet protocol (VoIP) or Internet Telephony proficiency that will express its users to make voice calls again the internet. According to a report by, this auxiliary serve will be known as BSNL Wings and the company has worked not in the make proud afield off from this assist according to the guidelines provided by telecom regulator TRAI. The savings account prickly out that this assign support to is intended to connect happening people in the backward areas of the country that may have an internet attachment but may not have a cellular relationship.

The savings account clarified that as pension of BSNL Wings serve, users can make voice calls from any internet service provider or operator. Users can furthermore make calls subsequent to the to the fore of public Wi-Fi internet hotspots if they have entry to one. To reach appropriately, users simply obsession to download the Wings mobile app in relation to their smartphone and pay a one-time dispute of Rs1,099 for a year. As pension of this support, BSNL Wings in addition to allows Wings app to Wings video calling.

According to the bank account, the glamorous pension not quite this encouragement is that taking into consideration the post of this bolster, Wings users can as well as make voice or video calls to any hermetic or portable device without the compulsion for a SIM card. This means that one can make calls from their desktops, laptops., or even mobile phones without any SIM.

To profit started, in the previously starting to make calls, subscribers of the Wings app would compulsion to download SIP (Sessions Initiation Protocol) to acquire a 10-digit subscription ID as barbed by the checking account. Once they attain the 10-digit subscription ID, they will with get a 16-digit PIN upon their email quarters to motivate the BSNL Wings app.

One concern to note here is that this app can moreover flavor users to make international calls but users will quirk to make an ISD cumulative of Rs 2000 and the calls will be charged in accordance to the existing landline to international call charges.