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Andriod Update

Whatsapp latest update brings multi-sharing, audio preview features

WhatsApp’s latest features have been rolled out for its beta app approaching Android. WhatsApp considering reference to Friday rolled out a subsidiary update for beta users occurring for Android. The supplementary update for WhatsApp beta brings features taking into consideration audio recording preview and energy call shortcut. The subsidiary update is available for WhatsApp beta […]

Andriod Update

Google Maps App Got Messaging Feature To Chat With Business Of User

Google rolled out the latest feature that agrees to users in a few regions to massage businesses from Business Profiles on Google. Now, the associated feature is coming to Google Maps. Users will now be able to see their messages with the businesses and they connect with Business Profiles within the Google Maps app. Messaging […]

Andriod Update

Android finally receiving the choice to manually backup data to Google Drive

Whatsapp has already received the Backup data into Google Drive you can read here. Whatsapp free unlimited data Backup Ever incredulity how your data is automatically restored once upsetting to a supplementary device and logging into your Google account? Well, its because all that data is backed occurring upon Google Drive and is restored considering than the […]

Andriod Update

WhatsApp new update delete all feature

Here we know how need to about the WhatsApp feature Messaging app WhatsApp has updated its recently introduced ‘delete for everyone’ feature. With the latest changes, WhatsApp has updated the Recipient Limit. The other has an effect on means that now users will intention to delete a proclamation for everyone and the recipient doesn’t perform […]

Andriod Update

Google Translate Gets New Features

Here are all Design Elements concerning Android, iOS, and Web Google Translate, the tech giants popular language translation services, is getting auxiliary features and design changes approaching Android, iOS, and Web. Starting off gone iOS, the app now gets preserve for regional speech input and output in English, Bengali, French, and Spanish. On Android, the […]

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