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Information Technology

Looking to save lots of cash on a replacement phone or phone plan?

Here square measure a number of tips As new phone season begins in earnest and also the season approaches, individuals everywhere the country square measure gazing their phone bills making an attempt to work out if it’s price upgrading, or if there square measure ways in which to chop prices. Whether making an attempt to […]

Information Technology

50 million Facebook accounts exposed

 what you’ll be able to do? Facebook hasn’t disclosed a lot regarding the info breach during which hackers exploited code that might allow them to take over around fifty million user accounts. CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that the company’s investigation continues to be in its early stages. however, this latest rupture is another bruise for […]

Information Technology

Facebook says 50 million users suffering from the protection breach

Facebook’s 50 million account breach is already its biggest ever and may profit even worse Facebook says the accounts of concerning 50 million users were breached in what was the largest-ever security incident of its nice at the giant social network, delivering the inconsistent blow to public confidence in the embattled company. The extent of […]

Information Technology

Utraq: India’s own GPS module launched

You should know how it’s work? India has launched its terribly own GPS module. called ‘UTRAQ’, the module was introduced at an occurrence in the national capital, MobileTek and Rama Krishna Electro Pvt Ltd UTRAQ may be a VTS module supported IRNSS to trace locations. India, so far, had the GPS based mostly applications in […]

Information Technology

Google Science Fair 2018 registrations now door gone a $50,000 Grand Prize

Here the full details about the Google science fair 2018 Google has opened registrations for its Science truthful 2018 competition and children aged between 13-18 years will currently register for it. The annual event started off in 2011 and could be a platform for teenagers to unleash their power for determination a drag mistreatment technology, […]

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