All You Need To Know About Facebook Messenger Spotted Testing Dark Mode In Select Countries

Facebook had announced a huge redesign of its dexterously-liked Messenger app assist in May last year, during its annual developer conference F8. Since subsequently, the company has been rolling out changes gradually across the world. Facebook Messenger is a popular app behind a large number of people in the region of the social network use it for communicating as soon as their connections and relatives. Facebook had promised a dark mode in its Messenger app last year and it seems in imitation of the company is now scrutiny it in several countries. Also, Read

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Facebook Messenger has been spotted psychoanalysis a dark mode feature

Well, known app tear down able Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that Facebook has started to evaluate dark mode within the Messenger app, but unaccompanied in favorable countries. Wong after that added that the subsidiary dark mode isn’t easily reached everywhere yet and Facebook issues a ‘Work in Progress’ caution within the app for the same excuse. Also, Read;

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Earlier, Wong was adept to set in motion the feature and she sophisticated tweeted screenshots of Messenger’s upcoming dark mode. As received, it turns the white background colors into black and the text into white. However, as Facebook states in its reproach, there are a few subtle details that are nevertheless white.

facebook dark mode feature now

The test is reportedly limited to a little number of countries

Back in October last year, Facebook had launched a revamped description of its Messenger app. The collect idea as soon as the redesign was to simplify the app and create it easier for its users to talk, make video calls, and more.

Facebook hasn’t revealed where it is currently chemical analysis the supplementary dark mode in Messenger. The feature is well-ventilated below the ‘Me’ section in Messenger if your country is currently supported for the test. The reprimand declaration issued even though the feature is enabled along with clarifies that Facebook is still putting ‘carrying out touches’ to the dark mode.

Facebook Messenger had era-privileged a major redesign last year

This isn’t the first era Facebook Messenger users are getting dark mode. Earlier in September last year, some users reported getting dark mode in the Messenger app in the to come it was rolled pro.

With Facebook reportedly psychoanalysis the new dark mode when more, it doesn’t seem behind the real marginal note is too in the disaffect and wide now. For those who spend hours chatting concerning the order of the Messenger app might appreciate the dark mode as it tends to be slightly easier upon the eyes. Facebook Messenger currently has future than 1.3 billion monthly users across the globe.

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