Facebook Messenger to obtain delete button and dark mode, You should know

The delete or unsend message button that is going insanely popular upon WhatsApp could be soon coming to Facebook now. A adding together feature spotted by a Reddit enthusiast who goes by the declare Saras112 shows the out of the unspecified to delete sent messages upon Messenger. Saras112 is one of the few people who have conventional this feature upon their Messenger.

The newest delete feature follows into the footsteps of WhatsApp

The delete feature follows into the footsteps of WhatsApp by providing users other to delete any sent message. Just gone the WhatsApp, the Facebook Messenger will, in addition, to ask you if you suffering to cut off the notice just for yourself or for everyone. The feature is now in testing mode as the same Reddit fan says that without help one of her phones shows the feature.

Facebook’s plans for an unsend the message feature was first heard in April last year

To recall, Facebook’s plans for an unsend notice feature was first heard in April last year after it was known that the company in secret deleted its CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s messages to protect his communication. The feature moreover axiom a hint in the the freedom remarks for the newest Messenger update in October 2018. However, it was listed as coming soon once no specific date or timeline. The feature reportedly will agree the devotee delete a message for going on to 10 minutes after it’s sent to someone. Also, the feature will apply to all types of messages following images, texts or addition attachments supported upon Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is testing  Dark mode but not in all countries. The company has been testing taking into account its Messenger on the peak of the p.s. few months and the added Dark Mode has been one of the most highly-demanded features for the platform. The company is now finally testing the feature in some countries.

Facebook Messenger will ask you if you want to remove the message just for yourself or for everyone

Recently spotted by a tipster Jane Manchun Wong, the feature is currently tested on the Android platform of the application. Also it is involved for without help choose number of users for now. Wong declared that the feature appears in the Me section of the app. Dark Mode is the additional feature that is sweeping the technology trend these days. Companies have gone Apple, Google, Twitter and similar big names have rolled out these modes to mitigation users who stare at screens till late in the night. It helps condense the eye fatigue and improves text readability in dark.

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