Flipkart Launch 2GUD in indian market

What is the 2GUD in e-commerce?


Its first ever independent platform for refurbished goods. The product portfolio of 2GUD would initially insert smartphones, laptops, tablets and electronic frills, and several more categories will be going to the front soon.

Although a few players cater primarily to the Customer-to-Customer segment, the refurbished goods dispel in India is yet largely unorganized. With the opening of 2GUD, Flipkart is taking its values of affordability, accessibility and availability to the refurbished push, though plus addressing the necessary encumbrance of trust and convenience.

To bring plus to the barriers of trust and affordability, 2GUD takes care of character assurance through a big selection of qualified products. The adding get bond of warranty of 3 to 12 months for each product will be serviced through an extensive network of benefits centres across the country. Additionally, users will always be assured of convenience in payments and logistics. The roll-out of the platform is via mobile web initially, but will soon be taken across auxiliary channels including desktop and mobile app.

Further, while existing refurbished sellers undertake the classifieds route, which insists concerning interactions along surrounded by buyer and seller, 2GUD as soon as its robust structure, utterly removes the hassle of buyer-seller relationships.

As a make known leader, Flipkart has always tried to solve for India and have enough to keep a more fulfilling shopping experience in all aspect. With 2GUD, we have removed the trust deficit that exists in the refurbished goods freshen, and along with subsequent to the added ease of settlement, are offering customers nevertheless option avenue to the right of entry atmosphere products at the most affordable prices, said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart.

The refurbished goods push has remained intensely fragmented and unorganized despite its size, primarily due to profound processes, and missing assurance went suggestion to the environment of products. Unlike existing C2C platforms, 2GUD offers an organised vent devoid of regular buyer-seller interactions, which simplifies the process for both parties. 2GUD totalling leverages Flipkart’s capabilities in the advance and sticking together network to create it the preferred destination for endorsed, suitable-setting refurbished products, said Anil Goteti, VP, Flipkart, who will be heading 2GUD along taking into account Flipkart Marketplace.

2GUD will remain supportive and cut off platform aimed at value buyers, while Flipkart shall remain the preferred online shopping destination residence for gathering goods. The foundation of 2GUD as the first atypical for setting refurbished goods allows Flipkart to focus regarding acquiring new customers in an exchange segment and added stick its leadership tilt in the Indian e-commerce way of a brute.

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