5 added things you can realize gone right click in report to Gmail for web

Gmail offers a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to compose, draft and send emails. The web report application, however, doesn’t really manage to pay for the same ease-of-use to those who aren’t delightful considering shortcuts or depend upon mouse or trackpad for navigation. Well, this is changing following the latest Gmail update.

Gmail has an association adding together features to its right-click context menu. Heres how to use them

Gmail is now adding a range of new options to its right-click context menu. Going concentrate on Gmail users can right-click upon an email to unmodified, take in hand, and even locate emails behind the subject. The latest update is already mammal rolled out to users and should be handy to all by subside of this month. Note the updated right-click context menu will be switched upon by default.


5 adding taking place events from the right-click


Reply to, or bargain taking into account, an email as soon as the right click


Search for all emails from the particular sender


Search for all emails when the same topic pedigree


Open the email in a subsidiary window


Add labels or adjust to an additional or existing photograph album


How to acquire started


The feature will be easily reached to users by default.


Right-click upon an email to complete into the updated context menu.


Mac users dependence to CTRL+click


Windows users can click upon the menu key.

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

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