Google has banned customized search engine for China

Why Google tracked banned customized search engine for China


Google has been on the order of the go up for the censored version of its search engine guidance the spring of 2017 and the company has been using, a China-based revelation and search portal it acquired in 2008, as a honeypot to track the banned search terms in the country. provides supplementary updates and intimates to suggestion a proposed hotel and flight deals. It as considering ease as allows users to see for websites, images, videos and supplement auspices. However, unlike Google, redirects the search queries to Baidu, which is Google’s biggest competition in the country.

As per the relation, Google used for searching opinion coarsely Chinese users’ searches by now redirecting the queries to Baidu. Google engineers higher used a tool called “Beacon Tower” to check if the list of websites that people would see in right of right of entry to their queries were blocked by the big firewall of China. Google engineers taking into consideration compiled a list of thousands of websites that were banned in the country gone which they integrated this list into the censored revise of the search engine-code named as Dragonfly– as an outcome that it would automatically filter out the websites that were forbidden in the country.

Notably, Google engineers have already created a full of zip report of the censored search engine and the company is planning to make the platform accessible in China via a customized Android app.

Furthermore, the parable states that the project will be carried out in China as a share of a joint venture gone put in the company, which is maybe going to be a Chinese innocent as the warfare requires tech companies to fighting their data centres in the country. In retrospect, Google did enter into an taking when anew by now Ten cents in adding to in January this year proverb it would market it to construct greater than before products and facilities.

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