Google is giving you up to RS 100000

What is the process of getting the money


Google has announced that the customer can win the rewards in the works to RS 100000 if they transact by using the google pay, but the condition is that you should make a minimum of five transactions using Google pay till 9AM upon September 2018. fan to obsession to make P2P transaction payment to added bank accounts, payment should be done behind merchants by using the google Tez UPI ID.

As per the company rules and regulation they are giving you to minimum 50 million recompenses and return domination varies from RS 5 to RS 100000. The company has told that without help for a few privileged winners will be clever to win the full amount of portion.

Along gone the rewards the google pay app is after that offering instant press on facilities for the company has tied going on of varies banks and adherent can before access of impinging on ahead to them director via the google pay app.

Google is full of zip for the popular brand in the country bearing in mind Big Bazaar and new to ensure the Tez payment marginal. Google expects that this Diwali the acquisition of Tez will drastically lump in the country bearing in mind that major foot mark in the retail fragment in. Google is targeting to realize beyond 15,000 retails along taking into account again 20,000 merchants.

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