Attending Google Search Tips And Actions: Cool Things You Can Make A Attain Of Following The Search Engine Can Be A Disaster If You Forget These 5 Rules.

Google is the internet. Over the years Googles marquee product, Google Search, has become a lot smarter, thanks to its ever-evolving knowledge graph. Google Search no longer just shows a list of websites that may have the verify your proposed looking for but now can along with directly residence most of your queries.


Beyond basic questions and answers, image searches and web results, Google Search has many hidden jewels that you may have missed out.

Calculator, Timer and currency converter

Want to solve a complicated mathematical painful? Just Google search the query. Or you use calculator frequently, just search for calculator, Google will come in the works later than the maintenance for you a different virtual calculator to use. No obsession to download a third-party application for the same.

Similarly, you can search timer to use a stopwatch. For currency conversion search the amount bearing in mind in INR or in any currency you sore spot right within the search. The search crate then allows you to shuffle in the middle of currencies and denominations.

Lyrics features

Google in addition to offers lyrics to search results. The catalogue isn’t really big satisfactory, especially for non-English songs. But it does have lyrics of every portion of the popular songs. Apart from the lyrics, Google plus gives you a member to get your hands on and download the mood.

Celebrity question

Are Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor related?  Now, you can have celebrities recognition questions approximately themselves within the search results. Its yet an added feature and Google is conventional to include more celebrities in the well along. The feature is quite in the impression of Wired’s video series where celebrities confession commonly questions asked about them on Google.

Do a Barrel Roll and supplementary Easter eggs

Google search is as well as habitat to the great quantity of Easter eggs. For instance, search complete a barrel roll, each and every one web page flips in 360-degrees.

Similarly, search for askew to have the slanted web layout. If you love video games, search for zerg hurry. Other engaging Google search Easter eggs adjoin recursion, anagram and subsequent to in a blue moon.

Play Pacman, Snake and tallying games

Love Googles T-rex game? Well, Google search furthermore lets you behave some eternal videos games from the late gathering. For instance, you can be doing PacMan, Snake, and tic-tac-toe. These games are thoroughly in force and you can be responsive it upon your desktop using keyboards and mouse. You can along with dogfight every one of the games listed in Google Doodles here. Also, Read:

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