Google’s latest launch new Android app Blog compass

How Does work google compass, here we know


Google concerning Friday announced the loss of its latest Android app in India, Blog Compass. This added app aims to pay for a one-halt shop for bloggers in the country, intended to advance occurring them track visitor counsel, engage readers, monitor search engine presence, and locate irregular topics to write re regularly. The app is currently reachable in retrieve beta and can be used by English and Hindi speaking users in the country. Google’s Blog Compass connects along with WordPress and Blogger, and can in addition to admission Google Analytics and Search Console once related behind an account.

Bloggers will be able to see statistics including viewer numbers, traffic sources, demographic sponsorship, Google Search status, and popular Google searches that gain to the specified blog, helping them make the right decision together in the middle of it comes to content. Blog Compass as well as studies codicil chronicles and blogger preferences, and extracts customized Google Trends data to facilitate shove relevant content considering hint to the blog. Google claims that its initial psychoanalysis found out that a majority of bloggers bigger their frequency behind using Blog Compass.

“Blog Compass is currently in beta mode – we’almost yet adding features and fixing bugs based upon feedback from adding going on users. But if you are avid in helping shape the subsequently of blogging tools in India, download the app for Android and pronounce us what you think!” said Dru Knox, Product Manager, Google Search in a blog publicize.

The Blog Compass app has been listed upon Google Play as “single-handedly easily reached in India” and has a file size of very roughly 5.1MB. With this app, the tech giant aims to empower several independent bloggers in the country and designate them a rather informed platform to voice their opinions from.

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