How to secure your WiFi into your phone: Follow these step


  • Routers subsequent to WEP security are easy to hack
  • The most common error that many of us get is using the default WiFi password.


Hacking is a whole other technology in itself. The techniques of hacking are rapidly growing in numbers later hackers all hours of the day coming going on behind big ideas to steal our personal data. One such widely preferred ways of hacking are WiFi hacking. It is mainly of two types- one in which the hacker intercepts your WiFi to be unventilated to her or her own device and second which is the more dangerous one in which hacker hacks your WiFi to inherit to your associated device.


Hackers many a period depart the WiFi perspective to all to use it as a bait. When someone connects the device to this gate WiFi, their device’s MAC rest and IP habitat are registered in the router. Hacker first intercepts the traffic by using the sniffing tool. Data is transferred as packets. These packets are intercepted by hackers to easily detect your browsing records.


WiFi hacking is easier than hacking a device linked to that WiFi. There are many set floating tools that can hack the less safe WiFi router. Apart from this, there are with campaigner tools that warfare as regards backtrack and can even hack a WiFi router once high security.


Routers taking into consideration WEP security are comprehensible to hack. WEP is a type of encryption tool used to safe your wireless relationship. However, routers these days are secured behind WPA-PSK keys which are tough to hack but this doesn’t aspire that these are unhackable.


The most common industrial accident that many of us reach is using the default WiFi password. Hackers can use the default password to not deserted hack your WiFi association but moreover reach access to the linked devices.


There are several ways to guard your WiFi and your device from malicious minds. For example- regulate your WiFi password frequently, don’t integrate your phone or laptop to an unsigned and retrieve WiFi relationship, and get your hands on not depart your WiFi gate. Apart from these, you can as well as block auxiliary users from accessing your WiFi router. This can be done using an app named Fing app.


Here’s how to use the Fing app:


  • Download the Fing app from the Play Store or App store.


  • Open the app gone it is installed upon your device and see for WiFi connectivity upon the home screen.


  • You will message Refresh and Settings options inside WiFi connectivity.


  • Refresh will take effect you the list of devices that are related to your router. It will even make aware you if the related device is a laptop or mobile.


  • You can also see the MAC address of the connected devices. Copy the device MAC residence of the device that you suffering feeling to block. You can moreover use this app for website and network pinging.