How to use Google Play Family Library in India

Google Play Family Library feature and everything else you wish to understand regarding it.


We often get hold of games, apps, books, TV shows and films on Google Play Store. however we tend to ne’er share those with anyone, rather we’ve got no choice to do therefore within the initial place. Well, this can be attending to amendment pretty before long as Google looks to own started rolling out Google Play Family Library feature in India. you will have such a large amount of queries in mind on what’s Google Play Family Library all about? however before long will we tend to sign in for it? during this article, we tend to assist you to perceive the fundamental plan behind Google Play Family Library feature and tell you everything else you wish to understand regarding it.

What is Google Play Family Library?

In a shell, Google Play Family Library is comparable to Airtel’s Family setups wherever one paid plan is shared with multiple users within the family to save lots of on expenses. the sole distinction here being we’ve got to manage apps, books, TV shows, games and films that we tend to get hold of on Google Play Store. Once you get these items, they will be shared with up to 5 members. But hey, there square measure sure limitations to the present still. You can’t share free apps or in-app purchases with anyone else.
For example, PUBG Mobile offers in-app purchases to shop for completely different outfits. In short, you can’t share those add-ons with a member of your family cluster though he or she is into PUBG. So, Google Play Family Library feature won’t be useful in this case. however let’s say you’re paying certainly games or apps on the Play Store itself, for instance, Pocketcast or GTA Vice town, you’ll share it with up to 5 members. an equivalent issue applies to movies, books and television show purchases.

How to sign in for Google Play Family Library in India?

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app on your automaton smartphone.
Step 2: faucet the hamburger menu on the highest left corner.
Step 3: Navigate to Account > Family > sign in for Family Library.
Step 4: faucet signs in and follow the on-screen directions.
Step 5: discovered a family payment technique.
Once you’re finished the initial procedure, you’ll begin adding up to 5 members whereas you stay because of the owner of your account. you’ll still management and monitor account purchases created by different members in your cluster. If you would like to share your books, movies and apps together with your members, move to several apps (Play Store, Play Books or Play Movies & TV) > faucet the hamburger menu at the highest left corner > My apps & games > put in > faucet a purchased content you would like to share > On the content’s details page, switch “Family Library” toon. And you’re smart to travel.
If you would like to prevent sharing the content, you’ll take away it just by switch “Family Library” to off on the content’s details page.

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