Idea Cellular New Recharge Offer Rs 159

What you will get inside this plan the details is here


Idea Cellular Offers 28GB data, Unlimited Calls With New Rs. 159 Pack to Rival Jio.
Ever since the Vodafone and Idea plan merger, the 2 telcos are busy in editing their plans to supply the same edges to each subscriber parties. there to impact, plan Cellular has currently reportedly launched an Rs. 159 recharge pack, and it’s aforementioned to supply similar edges to the Vodafone Rs. 159 pack. The large highlight is that the new recharge pack is claimed to supply 1GB of data per day, and offers unlimited voice career yet. It competes directly with Jio’s Rs. 149 pack that conjointly offers 1.5GB data per day and unlimited voice career edges.
Coming back to the new plan recharge, the Rs. 159 pack reportedly offers unlimited voice calls, 28GB of data, and a 100 SMS per day, for a validity of 28 days. The voice calls include AN FUP of 250 minutes per day and 1,000 minutes per week, and also the information has AN FUP of 1GB data per day, a report claims. When the data FUP, users can purportedly be charged 4 paise/ 10GB. Telecom talk reports that the arrange has been launched in an exceedingly metameric format, which suggests that it’s not out there for all users to test for eligibility, head to the company’s website or mobile app for special offers on your plan range.
The idea, recently conjointly revised its Rs. 209, Rs. 479, and Rs. 529 recharges to supply similar edges as Vodafone the large highlight of those packs is that they provide 1.5GB data per day profit to customers.

To recall, the Reliance Jio Rs. 149 arrange offers unlimited voice calls with none FUP, a 100 SMS messages per day, 1.5GB of 4G data per day for the validity of 28 days. It conjointly offers all of Jio’s amusement apps and services at no cost. Airtel’s recently launched Rs. 159 arrange offers unlimited voice calls with none FUP, a hundred SMS messages per day, and 1GB data for a validity of 21 days. This arrange is live just to choose users altogether circles, a bit like the new plan pack.

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