Inbox by Gmail, Google’s email help that was released agree to support in 2014, is all set to publicize goodbye to the world today. But ahead of its formal departure, a Chrome extension has emerged that transforms Gmail to offer it the see Inbox. This called Inbox Theme for Gmail is user-handy for download through the Chrome Web Store. It has been built by a team of developers in Sweden when all pleasant UI elements of Inbox by Gmail. The extension has no affiliation with the official Inbox for Gmail service.

The new extension is available for download through Chrome Web Store

As per the Chrome Web Store listing, the Inbox Theme for Gmail brings the Google Inbox experience to Gmail. It provides the same tidy and organised design in this area Gmail that was previously exclusive to Inbox by Gmail. You can see the merger-and-have the same opinion of grey and white colours on your inbox after installing the new extension.

Also, the Chrome extension transforms the top bar behind colour schemes based upon the mailbox components sprightly upon the screen. So, for instance, if you have your Inbox upon the screen, the magnification will produce an effect the summit bar in colourful Arctic Blue colour, even though it converts to talented Orange following viewing the Starred messages.

It doesn’t bring all the features of Inbox by Gmail

But still, the extension doesn’t back bring all the renowned features of Inbox by Gmail to Gmail. It just changes the interface to have enough money a ventilate and quality of the email support that is going offline upon April 2. This means you won’t profit features such as save partners and reminders.

Developers have plans to release the extension to other browsers as well

As we mentioned, the Inbox Theme for Gmail is breathing currently understandable through the Chrome Web Store. Its developers, however, have plans to bring its preserve to more browsers, namely Firefox and Safari. The extension was first spotted by ComputerWorld.

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

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