Sennheiser launches CX 6.00BT wireless headphones

Sennheiser has launched Bluetooth headphone full Review

The headphones round-the-neck cable design balances and minimize the weight of the earpieces to ensure that they stay in features a cable divider and has been provided in imitation of a substitute of four sizes of ear adapters.

The headphones feature toting up together happening multi-association power that enables pairing as soon as uphill to two devices simultaneously, for example as soon as switching together in the middle of one’s phone and computer. The CX 6.00BT has an integrated microphone once CVC noise termination technology for calls upon the go and supports 3-mannerism calling. Alongside a three-button remote for controlling music and calls, the headphones manage to pay for voice prompts notifying the user of battery status.

With a claimed six-hour battery life, the CX 6.00BT comes when USB charging which the company says can take at the forefront two hours of battery era in just ten minutes and can be abundantly charged in single-handedly 1.5 hours.

Wireless headphones gained expansion last year and this year, we expect more consumers to member the wireless organization which we kick-started. Hence, yet anew we have created the CX 6.00BT to run whatever you mannerism to enjoy excellent sealed upon the go, said Kapil Gulati, Director-Consumer Segment, Sennheiser. Thanks to the latest wireless technologies, you can enjoy this unspoilt audio experience behind the compliance of supremely compact, lightweight and to your liking Bluetooth headphones.