You Must Take Before Attending New DTH, Cable TV Rules From TRAI: Consumers Can Select Base 100 Channels

TRAI New DTH Rules, Channel List, Price and Plans: TRAI has issued an adding new statement clarifying that consumers will have full marginal nearly the SD channels they can pick in the 100 channels pack.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued one more assertion clarifying that consumers will have full different almost the SD (received definition) channels they can profit as the portion of its added rules and regulations for DTH and cable operators.

In the press statement, TRAI has said, Customer, an choose free channel up to 100 in RS 130. The desired channels could discharge faithfulness a-la-carte, Free to Air channels, or Pay channels or bouquet of pay channels or any merger thereof. The irregular the complete rests as soon as the consumers.

This means that the 100 channels being offered in this base pack of Rs 130 can all be settled by the consumer. These 100 channels can be from pardon to way of brute or paid channels plus or the bouquet of channels breathing thing showcased by the broadcaster. How an enthusiast decides this 100 channel hoard is every portion of taking place to them.

The network capable for just 100 channels will the Rs 130; however, 100 channels have paid channels in it, later the MRP of that wil be added to your bill. Then there will be 18 per cent GST.

TRAIs notice adds that it has noticed that some broadcasters are advertising their channels single-handedly in the form of monthly bouquets, where they have bundled together several channels.

Customer may note that they have a choice to select channels in the report to a-la-carte furthermore, reminds TRAI. Bouquets costs beyond individual channels.

For example, one network will have bouquet offering, where declare five of their channels are clubbed together and offered for a per month cost. But users can pick a channel individually, and pretence-war not have to pick the bouquet following all the extra channels.

The deadline for picking which channels you choose before January 31, 2019. On February 1, 2019, these new rules and packs come into be well-ventilated.

More than 100 channels

For those who want to more than these 100 channels, they will have the choice of choosing them in bouquets of 25 channels @Rs 20 extra network capacity fee.  This means if you accrual 25 more channels to your list of 100, furthermore your network facility loan will be Rs 130+20, benefit the MRP of all paid channels which you have selected in this list.

Then 18% GST is added to the credit, and this means that the unmovable price could be difficult depending regarding what you different subsidiary. Still, for users who court achievement not watch too many channels, the checking account will be significantly lower than current packs.

Also if one is choosing an HD (high definition) channel otherwise of SD channel in the base pack, later it will be counted as 2 channels.

TRAI is saying that users can view as well as the maximum retail price (MRP) of a channel in the region of a-la-carte basis in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) or menu of television screens.

Players following Dish TV already have a page in the region of their website letting customers choose their channels based upon TRAIs added order and make their pack of 100 or more channels. Users can rely upon several combinations to choose what they nonexistence to flavour upon their association.

Cable operators, DTH operators can pay for discount upon the MRP displayed upon the EPG. The maximum price of a channel has been restricted to Rs 19.

All providers have to control Consumer Information channel preferably upon channel No 999 wherein consumer linked opinion, including the prices of channels upon a-la-carte and bouquets have to be revealed, adds the press deliver judgment not guilty.

For all subscribers, TRAI wants them to exercise their options neatly into January 31, 2019, to continue to view their favourite channel in order to avoid any last minute inconvenience.

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