Utraq: India’s own GPS module launched

You should know how it’s work?


India has launched its terribly own GPS module. called ‘UTRAQ’, the module was introduced at an occurrence in the national capital, MobileTek and Rama Krishna Electro Pvt Ltd UTRAQ may be a VTS module supported IRNSS to trace locations. India, so far, had the GPS based mostly applications in devices that were supported the feed given by USA satellites.
L110 GNSS and L100 GNSS square measure the 2 modules launched. The L110 GNSS module may be a compact NavIC module, whereas the L100 GNSS module may be a smaller-sized POT (Patch on Top) IRNSS module. These modules may be used for various tasks on the other hand chase. These embody travel, command, control, temporal arrangement and additional.

UTRAQ modules may be used for marine, aerial, terrestrial navigations. These modules can even be used for vehicle chase and geophysics knowledge capture among others.
The ‘desi’ VTS module’s idea was 1st initiated for services and devices shortly when the Kargil War in 1999. The VTS module that may be a part of IRNSS was pushed for once West Pakistan troops took positions in Kargil. India then asked for the GPS location knowledge that was being handled by the USA satellites. The USA refused to assist India throughout the war state of affairs. The GPS-based knowledge by the USA would’ve given some important info, serving to India manage things and management the harm.
UTRAQ’s launch can facilitate ISRO systems are going to be ready to give correct knowledge with none dependency on foreign satellites. IRNSS is additionally aforementioned to supply the positioning for the Indian region 1500km around the Indian terra firma because of the primary spot. 
The UTRAQ modules support L1 and L5 bands, EPOTM orbit prediction, EASYTM self-generated orbit prediction and measures 18x16x2.3mm.