Vodafone is giving extra free data: Here’s how you can get it?

Vodafone is additionally offering extra free data including pick out prepaid plans. Most Vodafone customers are reporting an extra 400MB more statistics including the Rs 399 plan.


Vodafone is providing up after 400MB greater data with the Rs 399 plan.

The extra data will only be available if the subscriber makes the recharge via the My Vodafone app.

The plan offers unlimited calling as standard.

The telecom region between India is currently witnessing a fascicle about freebies-based opposition amongst entire the players. Whether its Airtel, Jio, Vodafone then BSNL, every on to them is, at last, making an attempt in accordance with possession the interest about subscribers together with more freebies. Yesterday, we observed that Airtel is at last quietly imparting on in conformity with 33GB additional information in imitation of partial about its prepaid subscribers. Vodafone has been doing the same for a while at present or including the famous Rs 399 plan, the operator is now giving additional data.

Several Vodafone subscribers are now reporting as she is existence offered 400MB greater records per season of the popular Rs 399 plan. The Rs 399 sketch is a bonus visiting card kind recharge yet as much standard, that affords a validity about 84 days as par (close to 3 months). They give local, STD yet roaming calls alongside including one hundred SMSes by day. In terms concerning data, subscribers are entitled in conformity with be brought 1GB data care of the day. However, this plan doesn’t offer any Talktime as standard.

However, salvo subscribers buy that moon plan beyond the My Vodafone app, it choice lie entitled in imitation of revel in additional 400MB data. This 400MB facts delivery is delivered in accordance with the per day statistics allotment. This capacity so much as an alternative of 1GB data per day, the subscriber choice be entitled in imitation of 1.4GB data through the day. That extra 400MB information is helpful because of these whoever consume a lot concerning period concerning communal media.

if subscribers purchase this subscription pack from the My Vodafone app, subscribers will have according to fulfil the recharge by using the My Vodafone app. There are chances so much the total concerning extra records presented should range out of the person in imitation of person.

Yesterday, we found that Airtel is offering up to 33GB extra data with the Rs 399 prepaid plan to some subscribers. However, Airtel has been various the volume of more records amongst various subscribers. For example, partial of the Airtel subscribers have been only getting additional 400MB facts along with the Rs 399 plan.

Surprisingly, Reliance Jio doesn’t offer extra in-app benefits including its plans but it continues award bargain vouchers that perform stay redeemed whilst building similarly recharges from the My Jio app.