Why Is WhatsApp Adds Transgender Emojis To Its Android Keyboard So Famous?

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is making a lot of changes to its platform. We already know that the popular social messaging app is planning to roll out an adding occurring feature regarding its platform that would enable users to see for emojis and stickers once doodling images. And now, the word is the company is also planning to add a transgender pride flag and a bunch of other emojis to represent other genders.

WhatsApp is planning to mount happening a transgender arrogance emoji to its keyboard.

According to a fable by WABetaInfo, which tracks WhatsApp updates, the social messaging platform last month in secret added a trick that could be used to send the transgender conceit emoji in the chat window. The feature, however, was unaccompanied user-handy to the users back WhatsApp beta for Android defence 2.19.56 and newer.

The transgender conceit flag is easy to realize to in WhatsApp beta for Android.

But now, regarding a month after the trick was first made roomy to the WhatsApp users approximately Android, the transgender narcissism emoji has made its way to the WhatsApp keyboard and it can now be used conveniently by tapping as regards the order of the icon gone the add-on flags. The update comes as an allocation of WhatsApp beta for Android bank account 2.19.73. This means that all the Android users who have the latest beta gloss of the app running upon their smartphones can use this emoji. However, the users who are using the main version of the app will have to wait for some grow old till the emoji is released upon to the main marginal note of the app.

WhatsApp is furthermore planning to mount taking place more emojis to represent totalling genders.

Apart from the transgender self-importance flag, there are a bunch of auxiliary emojis attainable upon WhatsApp that can be used to represent adding genders. These emojis, as was the trial subsequent to the transgender arrogance emoji earlier, remain hidden within the app as of now and there is no word upon whether or not WhatsApp intends to create them public. Take a flavour at these emojis:

Meanwhile, WhatsApp in a bid to battle con news is in addition to planning to introduce a Search by Image feature upon to its platform that would enable users to search for an image concerning the web that they have either sent or times-fortunate in their chats. This, in outlook, would make a clean breast them to check if the image is legal or a ruckus one. This feature, however, is yet out cold evolve.

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Ashutosh Kumar

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  • 20/03/2019 at 3:02 PM

    Whatsapp has expanded on a large scale in past few years but this sort of change is certainly the biggest one. Let’s see where it goes further in order to develop more and more each day and stay at the top of the industry. Great information!


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