Whatsapp latest update brings multi-sharing, audio preview features

WhatsApp’s latest features have been rolled out for its beta app approaching Android.

WhatsApp considering reference to Friday rolled out a subsidiary update for beta users occurring for Android. The supplementary update for WhatsApp beta brings features taking into consideration audio recording preview and energy call shortcut.

The subsidiary update is available for WhatsApp beta very approximately Android. The supplementary features coming to WhatsApp are detailed by WABetaInfo, a website that regularly tracks WhatsApp. The version states that the features have been submitted to Google Plays beta programme but each and everyone won’t be comprehensible to users. If you object to attempt out calculation features since they are rolled out, you can reach suitably by enrolling into the WhatsApp beta programme through this Link.

Once you sign occurring, your WhatsApp app will be replaced by the beta app. With every extra update, you will be practised to experience bonus features tested regarding WhatsApp. You can always opt out of the beta programme and shape easing taking place to the stable excuse. Here are the accessory features almost WhatsApp beta.

Group calling shortcut

This feature creates a shortcut for calling upon organization chats and it is to hand upon WhatsApp beta. The shortcut will be nearby upon peak closely the outfit chat herald. This feature allows users to choose members they sore spot to place a voice or video call too. Prior to this shortcut, users had to make a single call and manually united members to it. WhatsApp allows going on to three members in an excitement call.

Multi-part preview

Through this feature, WhatsApp will be doing a preview back sending files to merged connections. It will operate only upon sharing files from option app. Just back the files are sent, WhatsApp will conduct yourself a preview and users can choose to go concentrate on or put a put a cancel to it. This feature isn’t within realized for users upon beta as yet.

Audio preview

As the post suggests, this feature will disclose users to listen to the audio past it is sent. This feature will, however, show for on your own for audio files sent from another app. It does not apply to audio recording files upon WhatsApp.

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

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