Cracking The Whatsapp Working On Fingerprint Authentication For Chats On Android App

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly functioning on the subject of speaking a fingerprint authentication feature to guard its users’ chats against being seen by others. The authentication, behind enabled, will be required for users to stroke into the app.

Fingerprint authentication will be required for users to open the app

According to WABetaInfo, an aficionado site that tests added WhatsApp features at the forefront, the feature is currently below loan and disabled by default in the Android 2.19.3 beta defence.

The feature is currently under development

“After functioning to accept Face ID and Touch ID features in the description to iOS (that aren’t nearby yet for intensify reasons), WhatsApp has finally started to function upon the Authentication feature upon Android, using your Fingerprint!” said the report upon Tuesday.

The fingerprint authentication feature will be easy to get to within the app under Settings > Account > Privacy.

Once you enable the fingerprint feature, WhatsApp will be altogether protected from others to be seen. Of course, if your phone is already protected by an authentication method, it’s a little redundant.

“The fanatic will dependence to authenticate his identity in order to entre WhatsApp (from the app icon, from the notification or from outdoor pickers).  It will protect the entire app, so it’s not used to lock specific conversations,” the report added.

It will protect the entire app and not specific conversations

This feature would be easy to use in future for any Android user and higher for iOS users to having Android Marshmallow and newer full of zip systems and a fingerprint sensor, the description adds.

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

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