Your Google Assistant gets a makeover on mobile

These are all point to check out the new google assistant feature


you can download the Google Assistant app on iOS, or enter the Assistant around your Android phone taking into account a long press of the habitat button.

Two years ago the Google Assistant made its debut, and to come subsequently we have noticed that about half of all interactions back the Assistant add together both voice and move. With an adjunct makeover to the Assistant approaching phones, we are making it even easier to acquire things ended regardless of whether you pick to use your hands, your voice, or an appeal of the two. Here’s what your Assistant now looks when in the story to phones:

Make the most of voice and be adjoining

The adjunct design combines the best of text and talks upon your phone, giving you the relevant mention right gone you dependence it. Just ask your Google Assistant for something upon your phone, and then you can interact once images, sliders and buttons to acquire the by now going on you enhancement in a fragment of the times.


The new phone design includes:
  1. Bigger visuals that are easy to glance at speedily.
  2. New controls and sliders to rule unidentified affectionate habitat devices. Use the dials to reach used to lights to the right brightness, or the sliders to manage the aching speaker’s volume.
  3. An interactive messaging interface for that defence you can use your fingers to merge a comma, revolutionize a word or make any other immediate edits as you compose messages.
  4. On Android phones, entry an overview of your hours of daylight. Open going on the Assistant and swipe taking place upon your screen to profit curated information based upon the period of hours of daylight and your recent interactions moreover the Assistant.
  5. Developers and brands now have tools to find the part for full advantage of the phone screen. Starbucks has thumbnails to choose from recommended items upon menus, Food Network has larger images of their recipes, and Fit Star uses Gifts to manage to pay for a preview of your workout.

Welcome to a different era of mobile information

If you have been using your Google Home but port tried out the Google Assistant upon phones, nows an immense grow pass to locate out how voice and enlarge on acquit yourself together to make cartoon a tiny easier. You can download the Google Assistant app upon iOS, or confront the Assistant upon your Android phone gone a long press of the residence button or by adjunct the Assistant app to your burning screen. Go ahead, scrutinize your Assistant to relief you see taking place your favourite musician, send an immediate text declaration, check out the weather or declaration your light sits now easier than ever to Make Google Do It.

-The writer is vice president of Product, Google Assistant

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